Maybe you should play hooky (and other work week shenanigans)

Casey Onder, PhD
2 min readAug 7, 2022


Adapted from ryan skjervem on Unsplash

Last Monday I had an awesome beach day with family from California who had spent most of their trip quarantining with COVID before testing negative Sunday night.

Since I don’t do client calls on Mondays I flipped my schedule last minute.

Of course I handled time sensitive tasks and messages and eventually made up the to do’s I missed, but I also got to see people who are important to me before they flew 5,000 miles away.

I think everyone deserves these kinds of self-affirming interruptions and as much flexibility as they want in their days.

It’s not necessarily more efficient on a pure time management basis.

But I’m not a robot, and it’s a lot more fun and freeing. Who wouldn’t want that?

With more people working remotely, this kind of flexibility is more accessible than ever.

And done in line with our higher commitments — including happiness and health — playing hooky is empowered and empowering (especially for dedicated high performers). A way to keep ourselves energetically resourced and in peak performance shape.

Sometimes it’s boosting our motivation.

Sometimes it’s filling our cup when we’re drained.

And sometimes it’s a sign we could use some recalibration of how or what we’re working on so we don’t need larger breaks.

Whatever the use case is for you, I invite you to brainstorm one or two ways you could “spice up” this week by playing hooky (or other shenanigans). They don’t need to be long in duration to have an impact, especially if you rinse and repeat.

If you could use some permission to “play hooky” guilt-free, there you have it. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but you can definitely tap into more and use it to your greatest advantage.

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Casey Onder, PhD

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