Why coasting will never satisfy you

Photo by Matthias Speicher on Unsplash

Most people grind or coast their way through life. We take a path we think we should, a path we happen to stumble on, or a path that feels like a good match — until it doesn’t. We are built to survive, so it makes good sense.

But good sense will never inspire us.

Each of us has a part that dreams big, that revels in possibility and wonders. Quieting this part, shoving it down, is soul suffocating. It’s a wet, stinky blanket over the dreams of a small child.

And we have a way of labeling our loftier ambitions as “child’s play.” Impractical, silly, unrealistic, irrelevant, crazy, stupid, too risky, too costly (the list goes on). The truth is that striving after these ambitions is what makes us mature adults — ones who care enough about our lives and what we do with them to allow ourselves to evolve, become ourselves and stick our necks out.

Coasting can feel good, for a bit (and superficially, for a lot). But surface level feel good doesn’t get us too far. It’s soaking in a hot tub for weeks, versus sailing the world or deep sea diving.

Rest is great for rejuvenation. Honor the wonder-soaked part of you that wants to go farther. Bon voyage.

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