The satisfaction of servant leadership

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Being of service often carries a flavor of duty, humility and sacrifice. In reality, it’s our most freeing, empowering and deeply rewarding path. Personal goals become means to ends of broader positive impact.

Being of service is never about making ourselves smaller or self compromising. It’s about expressing every ounce of our being, drives and capabilities. Releasing fears, caveats and conditions, transcending momentary pains and pleasures, expanding to become who we are without limitations… Becoming wholehearted and fierce of heart.

Becoming you, helps us.

In an ocean of temptation and unmet need, or own and others’, distraction from our ever sharpening instincts about what success and service mean to us personally may be the biggest barrier to a life well lived.

We are here to be and do.

To be of service, to be purpose-driven, to be a leader, using every ounce of ourselves from a place of freedom, joy and empowerment is in the end what gives us strength, satisfaction and a sense of direction.

It’s what leads us to realize ourselves as the potent and possibility packed powerhouses we already are.

We’re the best for others when we’re our best, too. Great leaders help themselves and others without holding back, in harmony.

This means knowing ourselves.

This means helping ourselves.

This means stretching ourselves.

This means knowing others.

This means helping others.

This means stretching others.

We become who we are when we do what we’re called to.

Our individual action becomes mutual service becomes collective satisfaction — knowing there are no guarantees.

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Psychologist, success coach, believer in solid behavioral science and the power of tuning in.

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Casey Onder, PhD

Casey Onder, PhD

Psychologist, success coach, believer in solid behavioral science and the power of tuning in.

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