The gold beyond the silver bullets

Silver bullet moments are shiny and attractive. They can feel like the be all end all.

The stroke of insight, the bold move, the perfect solution, the surge of energy and “rightness” when you are 100% aligned and focused.

Until something changes and you find yourself feeling more “meh” than magical or momentous.

Wonder gets washed over and when the silver bullet passes all that remains may be wishy washy or whomp whomp.

All those silver bullet moments and hard work and achievements can feel insignificant when we’re not connected to the aim.

Success and disruption are both silver bullets. They’re temporary events and states.

For sustained forward movement there needs to be a force or a reason beyond you, your designated role and what is happening now to do what you’re up to, if you’re up to something big.

Simon Sinek said it, as have many in their own ways: Start with why.

Your why is your North Star, your raison d’être, your gold at the end of the rainbow, past all of those ornery leprechauns.

What are you a hell yes to?

What has you care?

What’s important about it?

What becomes possible when you succeed?

The more challenges in your journey (and/or the lighter the supports), the more critical your clarity. It’s that simple. I’m not saying it should be hard. I’m saying it can be.

What’s your end game? Say it aloud or write it down now (at the request of a stranger writing to you from the internet). If you can’t, or you can’t do it clearly, you don’t know yet. When you know, you’ll know it, regardless of where when or how it’s asked.

Here’s one way to break it down:

  • What’s your selfish why?
  • What’s your service why?

I like breaking these out for performance junkies and people pleasers and altruists and modest mice in particular, because you need both to self-sustain and avoid burnout.

Concrete is more motivating than theoretical.

If you want freedom or to fulfill your potential, what does that mean specifically?

If you want to solve XYZ problem in the world, what would this look like once achieved?

If you have a vision of a unique creation/collaboration/discovery, paint a picture or describe it.

Write what you come up with in the comments. Take advantage of the space.

If you don’t have something concrete because you simply don’t know what you don’t know, you’ve got a million ideas, or your goals are spiritual or communal in nature, that’s as good an answer as any. You’re exactly where you should be. You’ll need more faith, surrender and self-intimacy for this phase.

If you’ve got leprechauns in the way of your clarity or execution (for example fear, scarcity, unhealed wounds, trauma, numbness or dysregulation, grief, self-worth issues), you’ll be tending to those along the way.

Silver bullets are attention-grabbing and powerful in provoking change. But they’re slick, they fly by. They don’t stick around.

Your why is the gold beyond the silver bullet moments.

It has timeless value, helps you think out of the box, keeps you going when times are tough, and in many cases it moves others to support you, follow you or get off the bus. In some cases they’ll criticize or oppose you (this is not always your problem, and it may be — see “when times are tough”).

What’s your end game? What’s at the heart? What would your version of gold be? Put logic and strategy and practicality aside for a moment. They’re always there when you need.

What don’t you need? Chasing silver bullets.

There’s gold at the end of the rain and the rainbow.

Dream — and do.

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