Silver Linings To Your Career Change Playbook

Lack of clarity about career next steps — particularly when we’re in a role, organization, or even a career track that isn’t working for us — can be very scary and destabilizing. After all, work is how we make a living, and in many cases, it’s a huge part of our identities as well.

Because of that, many of the people I work with on career changes are some version of: Scared AF.

Usually the fear shows up as hedged bets, lack of excitement about the options that are actually attractive (this is often self-protective), or suffering and spinning in circles of self-questioning rather than making a decision or taking the steps needed to arrive at one.

Totally normal stuff. And! The good news is that career clouds have silver linings. Here are three:

1 You have a lot to discover about yourself! Corny, and true. Career changes are an invitation to discover and develop something that’s underdeveloped in you.

2 You have many options! Usually the people I work with are already badasses. It’s a matter of translating that badassery in new spaces or new ways.

3 You have that whole shiny new job/career thing to look forward to. Whatever’s missing, and/or the thing that you’re craving more of — that’s the whole point of this.

4 If you follow your instincts it will likely work out. Your body/mind/emotions are telling you something, and if you trust that, chances are some doors will open. This isn’t magical thinking: Doors are much more likely to open when they’re knocked. The doors in this case include what you seek out, notice, and ask for.

So if you’re contemplating a big transition nails bitten through, I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel nervous. It’s totally normal stuff. I’m just pointing to the benefits on the other side. When we’re seeking desperately for shelter, it’s easy to forget.

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