Greatness Embodied


Photo by Luca on Unsplash

Wisdom offers patience, kindness, a thoughtful and inclusive approach — facilitating presence.

Passion offers energy, conviction, an intuitive and purposeful approach — facilitating action.

They’re complements

Could they be Greatness embodied?


Signs they’re blocked —

Ambivalence, oscillation, lack of clarity and true commitment.

Substituting others’ agendas

Deeper truths for an image…


People pleasing

Blurred boundaries

Or just the opposite —

Aversion, judgment, rigidity

Disturbance of peace

No thanks.


No need to lose our Selves

Our gifts and common humanity

In a whirl of what’s in the end

Un-alive and immaterial

No matter how “great”

GREATNESS is wisdom invited, enlivened, enacted, EFFECTED

Beyond this body

Beyond this thought


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Casey Onder, PhD

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