A 5 Second Practice To Flip The Script On Your Overwhelm

What if you could go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm and centered — in a matter of seconds?

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not if you practice this 5 second technique in earnest.

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or resistant to something on your to do’s, instead of grumbling or fretting about it, try this reframe: I choose to __________________ (the action/activity) because I want __________________ (result).

This takes some getting used to and you may even try to resist it, looking for answers in someone or something else. I promise though that you’ll be better off if you can fully own what you’re up to — as well as your motives.

In other words, this quick script reframes the motivation behind your action from something you’re avoiding or opposed to, to something you want.

Credit to Marshall Rosenberg, the late founder of the School of Nonviolent Communication, for this quick but powerful (and honest) reframe. Check out his book Nonviolent Communication for more ways to get in touch with what’s driving you and others, with clarity and compassion. Audiobook bonus: He has the comforting vibe of Mr. Rogers/Carl Rogers.

No one’s immune from overwhelm. This simple practice will put you back in the driver’s seat in a matter of seconds.

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